Window Blind Safety

Awareness of window blind safety is essential to ensure occupants within the building are safeguarded from hazards. We have compiled some information relating to new and existing blinds, so you can make your home or commercial premises as safe as possible.

Making Existing Blinds Safe

There are numerous products on the market that allow you to make existing blinds safe. Don’t take the risk and wait until your blinds need replacing, make them safe today! You can make your blinds much safer by using the following products:

Chain Tensioners

Chain tensioners are designed for blinds that have a looped chain. The tensioner needs to be fitted so that the chain is taught.


Cleats are designed for blinds that are cord operated. The cleat needs to be fixed out of reach of children, ideally around 1.5 metres from the floor level. Each time you adjust the blinds, you will need to secure the cord in a figure of eight and any excess cord should be secured on the cleat.

blind with chain tension device fitted
child looking out of window blinds with hands on louvres
child playing with window blinds

New Blind Safety

Since 2014, all new blinds sold in the UK must be safe by design or supplied with child safety devices. As a result, many modern blinds incorporate operating systems that are chain and cord-free. For example, some are spring operated, wand operated, and you can also buy blinds that have electronic automation.

BBSA Members

Rogers Blinds & Awnings are BBSA (British Blind & Shutter Association) members. We can assist with any queries you may have regarding blind safety.

In addition, if you have hard to reach blinds, we can advise on the best safety devices which make it easy to operate your blinds without the need for loose, hanging cords and chains.

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For more information about blind safety, do not hesitate to contact us. We can offer professional advice and help you select the best safety devices for your needs.

safety blind with bottom push operation
child playing with blind cord
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